5 Best Natural-Organic Shampoo

We love nature. But have you ever worried what goes in our shampoo?? We are complaining about some hair issues, but what if the shampoos are the cause of them? Most “chemical” shampoos contain ingredients that can harm our hair and scalp health. One of the most harmful ingredients is the “sodium laurel sulfate”. The... Continue Reading →


Get This Look – Angelina Jolie

She is classy and sexy, simple and elegant. Her lips are juicy and sexy always. She is one of the most requested celebrities for makeup tutorials.

Lip Art. How Much We Gonna Fall In Love With this Incredible Trend?

The makeup artists are pushing the old boundaries and creating new amazing creative lip looks. The lips are their canvas. Consider how beautiful those landscapes and comics are looking on those sexy lips 🙂 xoxo These artistic lips are so incredibly cute and amazingly beautiful, just look them...   how cool is she? https://www.instagram.com/p/BLr4vQogSK8/?taken-by=missjazminad Just... Continue Reading →

6 Beauty Hacks With Baby Powder

Who said that baby powder is only babies? This powder with the lovely smell must be in your shopping cart each time you’re going for shopping. You will learn the most effective ways to use the baby powder for beauty issues. 1.Greasy hair? If you don’t have a dry shampoo or you’ve been run out... Continue Reading →

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