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How to Make your Hair Grow Faster with 9 DIY Hair Masks #2

Read here the #1 Our hair is the 90% of selfies (hahaha) and we need to take care of them. The masks that I've gathered for you are tested by me but remember to make a patch test first as you may react differently. Those masks will nourish, hydrate, detangle and grow your hair like... Continue Reading →

4 (Tested) DIY Night Creams

You know that I am obsessed with DIY Beauty Products. Doing cosmetics at my home, for me it means fun, spending my free time with amazing ways and I am not worrying about what I am putting on my skin. Going natural is much better than rough chemicals...[Read more]         “Oops, we... Continue Reading →

DIY Eyeshadow Recipe

What’s more fun than Beauty DIY projects? I’ve done from DIY lipstick to dry shampoo but I was thinking a few days ago that I’ve never make a DIY eyeshadow! I have gathered the best and more fun eyeshadow recipes, I’ve put them in a test and now I am presenting to you the easiest... Continue Reading →

DIY Organic Lip (& Cheeks) Stains

A beautiful smile is never complete without beautiful lips, as nice pink lips are very important to add to that perfect smile. A lip tint can help you achieve those natural rosy lips. Using natural ingredients that are not only safe to use but also will keep your lips nourished and moisturized for smooth, baby... Continue Reading →

DIY Luxurious Bath Bombs

Are you obsessed with DIY Beauty? This one is easy, cheap and enjoyable to make. The bath time is one of the most relaxing experiences after a hard day. As you get in the hot water and lay back, your worries are starting to fading and your skin can glow again. Customize your own luxurious... Continue Reading →

DIY Lipsticks

I love lipsticks, and probably you too! There are some moments that I want to have all the colors, but to buy a good lipstick is costing us app. $15. You know that when I am in a hurry, I love the quick DIY ideas, fun to create and much much cheaper than the original product... Continue Reading →

DIY (whipped) Body Butter

As you understood, already, I am obsessed with DIY products. You gonna love this one, because it smells amazing, is easy to make and is great as a custom gift. When you will whip it, you will create a fluffy-smoothly effect. This insanely nourishing DIY body butter is ideal for any type of skin, including... Continue Reading →

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