Mastering The Strobing to Glow

Strobing does not have to do with club or bars, is about having fun and glowing all day long. As you understood Strobing is a Beauty Trend that Beauty Bloggers and Youtubers are obsessed with it. It’s not enigmatic on how to use this trend, it is easy and prepares you to master it! Step... Continue Reading →

Colour Theory in Makeup

If you are a beginner and you want to start mastering the art of makeup, I am here to help you learn the color wheel! In short, use the opposite color to make corrections. Concealing See the wheel, if you have a red pimple, cancel it with green color. Do you have dark blue-ish circles?... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Brush Guide

For those who want to be an expert on how to use each makeup brush. I am using the photo the Morphe Vegan Brush Set, a great choice to expand your brush collection. Which brush collection do you love more?    

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