7 Makeup Tips from Famous Pro Makeup Artists you Have Never Heard Of!

When Celebrities’ makeup artists sharing their secrets, hacks, beauty tips etc. we are all listening. Nicolas Degennes, creative director of Givenchy beauty (1) My beauties, if you love a luminous skin effect, then this will be you favourite tip! Mix with your foundation a golden or a pearly white eyeshadow. “It gives your complexion a... Continue Reading →


5 Best Beauty Products you’ve Never Heard of

I guarantee that you never heard of these products and you need to try in 2017! 1) Kryolan Supracolor Palette ($49) A creamy makeup palette that reminds me the water paint pallets that I had in my childhood. It has an amazing professional covering formula. Bright and vibrant colours. I love specifically this palette (Kryolan... Continue Reading →

6 Best Organic Beauty Products

The Organic Beauty Products now are more popular than ever. Whether you‘re looking for skincare or makeup products this is your article. I gather up my 6 favorite organic beauty products. No chemicals, no additives, no fillers! 1) S.W. Basics Rosewater Spray (1.8oz) I am using rosewater for a gentle and refreshing face cleaning –... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Brush Guide

For those who want to be an expert on how to use each makeup brush. I am using the photo the Morphe Vegan Brush Set, a great choice to expand your brush collection. Which brush collection do you love more?    

Diego Dalla Palma Lip Pencils

These (18cm) lip pencils are my favourite, Diego Dalla Palma does a nice job. I am using them for years. Usually I apply it all over my lips, then I apply compact powder and blend it with a lipstick to last longer, but sometimes I prefer it alone for a natural and flawless look. If... Continue Reading →

Bella Coloured Contact Lenses. Are they worth the hype?

Hello again my beauties!  Well, my eye colour is dark honey green almost brown, but sometimes I am thinking that my outfit / makeup will look better with other eyecolour and probably you too!xx I am using contact lenses and rarely I am using coloured lenses because I have tried maybe 4-6 different brands I […]

8 Lipstick Hacks You Should Know

I love my lipstick to last for hours, to go to my job or a meeting and have a drink or a coffee without worrying for my lipstick. So today I decide to tell you the hacks I am following to rock my lipstick! 1. Exfoliate your lips for a smoother application with a toothbrush for 20... Continue Reading →

120 Colours Eyeshadow Palette??

The picture of this endless palette came to my ebay home page. 120 colours in one palette?? OMG it was $10, so I couldn’t resist to try it! I ‘ve got it within 4 weeks as usually, and I tried it with my finger right away! It came with two trays of 60 colours each... Continue Reading →

Gosh Quattro Eye Shadow

Hello my beauties, the gosh's quatro eye shadows was my first palettes. It is obviously that this quattro eye shadow (Driftwood Q22) is a four colour eyeshadow palette. When I have to take with me one palette this is my first option. I love palettes that can give you different looks but I also love nudes... Continue Reading →

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