New Launches – Urban Decay 2018

I love learning about new upcoming products as Merilyn Monroe loved diamonds. Urban Decay has already announced its collaboration with the Youtuber Kristen Leanne. The result of this collaboration will be the Urban Decay Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Palette, that will be launched in Spring 2018 at ...[Read more]     “Oops, we are growing! Sorry for the inconvenience caused... Continue Reading →

Shhh! Beauty Rose Secret.

The Roses are not just romantic flowers with amazing scents. Roses for skin are like erasers for pencils, they can erase some skin issues. Rose oils can affect biological factors such as stress levels, blood pressure, and breathing. Rose is well known as a multifaceted flower. Many brands are using roses... [Read more]   "Oops... Continue Reading →

Dior 2018 Launches

I am a fan of Dior cosmetics and fragrances. I am always preparing my budget for what is coming next. Dior Forever Line is on the way to make our year more elegant and fabulous. U.S. Launch Date – January 2018 [Read more] “Oops, we are growing! Sorry for the inconvenience caused but we moved to... Continue Reading →

The Best Blusher for You

The blush is the most magical product in the world of makeup. If you are in a rush, you can apply your foundation (liquid, powder etc) and a light blusher right on your cheekbones and voila! You are ready to go. Extra tip: as you are holding your blusher’s brush, apply a tiny bit on... Continue Reading →

Nail Designs That We Need to Try in 2018

We ‘ve tried many times whatever the fashion said, weird lipstick shades (read more on lip art here), weird brow trends (read more on brow trends here), etc. Nail designs are changing from season to season, they belong to fashion too.  Their shape? can be almond, mountain peak or stiletto, square, rounded, squarely rounded or... Continue Reading →

New Crazy Trend

You can call it the New Instagram Brow Trend. Are you get bored of tweezing and filling your eyebrows? Do you love weird beauty trends? Then, maybe, this will be your favorite trend. As always, this beauty trend is all over the Instagram… After the brow carving, barbed-wire and feather brows, the wavy eyebrows are here... Continue Reading →

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