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Is Shower Destroying our Hair?

I love you but I will be a little bit hard with you today. We are going to the shower and we are ruining our hair, of course, we are not doing it on purpose. I including myself because many of those that I am going to tell you I’ve learned them recently. Life is... Continue Reading →

What? Teas for Hair Growth?

I love tea, usually, I drink 2-4 cups per day, they taste delicious and they warm my body. Teas are promoting a healthy life with amazing wellness. I do not drink tea just to drink something, I am always searching which teas are more suitable for the issues that I have. Whether I want to... Continue Reading →

Make Your Hair Grow faster with Zinc

All girls we desire longer, thicker and healthier hair! From the day I can remember myself I want my hair longer. Length, thickness, strength, shine, all of them are having a pivotal role to the hair look. If you can’t grow your hair easy you need to click here to read from intensive hair treatments to... Continue Reading →

5 Best Natural-Organic Shampoo

We love nature. But have you ever worried what goes in our shampoo?? We are complaining about some hair issues, but what if the shampoos are the cause of them? Most “chemical” shampoos contain ingredients that can harm our hair and scalp health. One of the most harmful ingredients is the “sodium laurel sulfate”. The... Continue Reading →

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